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Ephrael Stern: Heretic Saint (Audio Drama)

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Ephrael Stern: Heretic Saint
Cover art
Author David Annandale
Publisher Black Library
Preceded by Daemonifuge (Graphic Novel Series)
Released July 2020

Ephrael Stern: Heretic Saint is an audio drama written by David Annandale. It sees the return of Ephrael Stern.[1]


The Heretic Saint brings the Daemonifuge into the Era Indomitus in a novel by David Annandale. Lost and alone after centuries of fighting the Emperor’s foes, Ephrael Stern fears that all is lost when the Astronomican goes dark. Only the intervention of a mysterious stranger restores her hope – and gives her new purpose.[2]

The book was later adapted into a 192 page novel.[2]