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Followers of the Red Monarch

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The Followers of the Red Monarch were a Tzeentch Chaos Cult, that was active on Haephos and had devoted themselves to the Daemon Primarch Magnus.[1]

In the aftermath of the Great Rift's creation, the Cult committed dozens of atrocities on Haephos - most notoriously the Eusebya Tunnel Collapse which claimed over thirty thousand lives. In desperation, Haephos' Imperial Commander, Zula Hatiar, offered freedom to imprisoned psykers if they aided in seeking out the numerous Cults and Mutants that now plagued the world. Some of these psykers agreed and the Followers of the Red Monarch were hunted down and destroyed by four Regiments of Haephosian Phalanxari in the dense hab-blocks of Zonora City'.[1]

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