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Gahlan Surlak

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Gahlan Surlak converted miniature featured in White Dwarf 477[3]

Gahlan Surlak was a member of the World Eaters during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.

Once an Apothecary of his Legion, during his time as a medical officer he became obsessed with overseeing the installation of the Butcher's Nails into World Eaters without killing the host.[2] However as his commanders priorities changed he became more involved in inducting Aspirants as opposed to healing wounded Battle-Brothers. An associate and student of Emperor's Children Chief Apothecary Fabius, Surlak initially failed to implement the nails within the Legion as none could survive the process. However after reverse-engineering Ghennan technology, Surlak announced he had finally perfected a method for mass induction. This caused the Terran veteran Mago to attempt to send the Techmarine Korit to sabotage Surlak's work within his lab, but the Apothecary was ready for the attempt and subdued Korit with a poison dart given to him by Fabius. Surlak revealed his sadistic side as he took pleasure in giving Korit an agonizing death with his Chirurgeon drill, justifying it as punishment for treachery. Surlak went on to install the Nails throughout the Legion.[2a]

In the aftermath of the Battle of Isstvan III, Surlak learned the secrets of gene-seed from Fabius Bile and with the aid of the Word Bearers established new bio-vats to rapidly produce warriors on Bodt.[1]