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Garanhir Rebellion

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The Garanhir Rebellion occurred in 649.M40, when the militant Inquisitor Malphas Kroh, of the Ordo Malleus, employed a precog-coven to predict an assault by a World Eaters warband on the Imperium world of Garanhir. His punitive intervention sparked an uprising by the population, which the Inquisitor put down a mere day before the berserkers attacked.[1a] When the notorious World Eater Dhalahk launched a mass incursion upon Garanhir, intent on butchering the population in the Blood God's name, he found[2] the Inquisitor and forces from the Grey Knights, Dark Swords and Black Wings Chapters arrayed against him.[1a] The battle between them was joined without delay and while Dhalahk's berserkers inflicted significant causalities amongst the Inquisitor's forces, the entire warband was cut down in the attack.[2]

After that 7th Brotherhood of the Grey Knights were attacked by huge horde of the Bloodletters and only reconfiguration of their Dreadnoughts and creating Doomglaive Variant helped to destroy great waves of the Daemons.[1b]

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