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Garrsak Clan

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Symbol of Clan Garrsak

The Garrsak Clan, known as the "Tempered Wardens" is a Clan-Company of the Iron Hands currently recognized as the 2nd Company.[3] "Garrsak" is the Medusan word for unity, and it is thus unsurprising that the Garrsak puts collective unity above all else.[2b]


In the bitter days following the Horus Heresy, Clan Garrsak took the lead in salvaging the Iron Hands from near destruction. While some within the Legion called for retribution, Iron Father Arnok Kraan clung to logic and instead he convened the council known as The Tempering. Kraan refused to join the debate and refused to influence its outcome. None can even be certain he agreed with the Tempering's outcome, for he was struck down by a mysterious assassin at its conclusion. The assassin's identity and motive are unknown, and today it is claimed that Kraan may have arranged his own death. However rather react with rage, Kraan's fellow Iron Fathers instead saw his logic and cold dispassion as an example to follow. His legacy lives on in Clan Garrsak, which strives to emulate dispassion. They seek no voice on the Iron Council beyond the one guaranteed by tradition, and their Captain often unofficially serves as arbiter during inter-clan disputes.[3]

Where other Clans seek to physically excise emotion through bionic augmentation, Garrsak does the same through sheer force of will. Anything less they argue makes them unworthy of the machine. This self-control serves them upon the battlefield as it allows them to balance logic with fury and reason with ruthlessness. Thus while understrength, the effect on Garrsak's performance is negligible due to their policy of performing mission briefings via Simulus Chamber. Anger, when unleashed, is always in service of a preordained plan. As a result, the company’s campaigns are marked by periods of measured advance interspersed with flashpoints of merciless – even savage – assaults. The savagery and lack of witnesses to such assaults has led the Inquisition to express concern about Garrsak's methods.[3]

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