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Genestealer (Space Hulk Expansion)

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Genestealer logo.jpg
Manufacturer Games Workshop
Designer Richard Halliwell, Matt Forbeck, Jervis Johnson
Released 1990
Players 2
Game time varied
Genestealer was the second expansion for the original Space Hulk game.

Contents of the Box

  • 5 plastic Librarians
  • 10 plastic Genestealer Hybrids
  • 8 new wide corridor sections
  • 44 psychic combat cards
  • Rule and mission books
  • Additional counters and templates


  • Behind Enemy Lines
  • The Final Assault


Genestealer introduces the realm of psychic powers and psykers into the Space Hulk board game. Apart from the complex card-based psychic system, the rule and mission books contain background and rules for Genestealer Hybrids, Grey Knights and new weapons as well as two new missions. The new background and missions refer to the Dark Angels chapter, introduced in Deathwing.