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Glass Plague

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The Glass Plague is a deadly and feared biological weapon employed by the Dark Eldar.[1]


The celebrated Commorrite Jalaxlar revealed his latest work, lifelike crystallized sculptures of Dark Eldar. The masterful pieces of work earn Jalaxlar acclaim across the art galleries of the city, for he has captured the expression of true shock and terror in his sculptures. However after a rival house attacked Jalaxlar's galleries that same evening, his laboritires are smashed apart and his secret revealed. The sculptor had isolated a viral helix that quickly turns living material into crystalline glass. Now set free, the airborne virus spread with alarming speed across Commorragh and infected thousands of its citizens. It took the Haemonculi Coven known as The Hex to contain the outbreak and release a counter-virus. The glass virus is particularly feared, for it gives a Dark Eldar a "true death", one from which not even a Haemonculus can repair them from. Seeing its potential, the virus has since been weaponized by the Dark Eldar of The Hex.[1]