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Great Reaper

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Tyranid. For other uses of Reaper, see Reaper (disambiguation).

The Great Reaper was a Tyranid Harridan active during the Battle for Macragge.[1]

The Great Reaper was amongst the tyranid monsters that attacked Cold Steel Ridge during the battle. As the Ultramarines themselves were engaged elsewhere, elimination of the creature fell to the soldiers of the Ultramar Defence Force Auxilia. The Great Reaper, however, proved a deadly opponent indeed; over the course of three days of running engagements, it managed to outmanoeuvre or destroy every attempt to ambush it, scything through entire Regiments of the Auxilia. Ultimately, an artillery barrage was able to bury the Great Reaper by triggering an avalanche, though whether the creature truly died or was merely trapped beneath the ice is unknown.[1]