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Howl of the Hearthworld (Short Story)

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Howl of the Hearthworld
Author Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Publisher Black Library
Released 2015
Collected in Death and Defiance
War Without End

Cover Description

In the wake of Prospero and Magnus' betrayal, Space Wolves watch packs were sent to keep an eye on each primarch, ready strike should treachery rear its head. One pack made their way to Terra itself, assigned to the Emperor's praetorian, Rogal Dorn... and they're not happy about it. After all, the only thing that awaits them on Terra is boredom. Isn't it?


Thirteen Stars Falling, a veteran Space Wolves sergeant, rails at Leman Russ for sending him to Terra so he and his squad can keep watch on Rogal Dorn. Laughing Jaurmag, a high-ranking Legion commander, requests to join them, and Russ reluctantly agrees. On board a transport ship a seemingly innocuous Administratum clerk requests the squad's names and ranks, and the hostile Wolves dishonestly provide their birth-names and standard ranks rather than their true, 'given' names or the actual names of their squads. Jaurmag warns them that the clerk is likely an agent of Malcador and to keep an eye on him during the long journey to Terra.

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