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Inevitable City

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The Inevitable City is a mysterious region of the Warp.[1a]

Transcending normal time and space, the city first manifested during the final stages of the Siege of Terra as part of the Chaos Gods' honoring of Horus awakening to his true power. The city appeared amidst the madness spilling across both Terra and the Vengeful Spirit. Horus dubbed the city his new realm, and reflected his post-war plans for Terra and humanity.[1a] Individuals across both Terra and the Vengeful Spirit would finally find themselves within the city as it overlapped with real space. Even the inner Imperial Palace became part of the seemingly endless expanse of the Inevitable City.[1b]


In the lore of Warhammer Fantasy, the Inevitable City is a location within the Chaos Wastes where many damned and corrupted souls suddenly find themselves.