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Ivasnophon is a Magos Dominus[1] (Technoarcheologist Dominus)[2a] of the Adeptus Mechanicus. A curt but shrewd commander, he commanded Mechanicus forces during the Diamor Campaign where he attempted to tame a Daemon cage device located on the planet of Amethal and created by some ancient race long time before the raise of Humans, to captivate and contain the Daemons.

Ivasnophon was close to revealing the true identity of this xenos device and was convinced that he could replicate their technology to catch and confine Daemons.[1a] Alas, he was killed by Kharn himself during the end phase of the battle for the planet of Amethal.[1b][2b] Though it seemed that with his death all of gained by him secrets were lost, Ivasnophon inloaded his personality and mental algorithms to his backup body again in the deep undergrounds of Metalica, intending to continue his work for the Omnissiah.[1c]