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Kasablan Campaign

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The Kasablan Campaign took place in 872.M41.[1]


Several armoured regiments of the Imperial Guard fell to the temptations of Chaos during the campaign. Turning on their allies, the renegade tankers seized the world’s capital city in the name of the Ruinous Powers, before beginning extermination sweeps across Kasablan’s plains. Retribution was swift, however, as a spearhead of Blood Angels tanks was loosed upon the traitors. Lucifer engines howling, the Baal Predators and Razorbacks of the Blood Angels consistently outmaneuvered the heavier traitor armour. The renegades found their tanks cut apart by withering crossfires that left smoking wrecks littering the azure plains.[1]

The fallen Imperial Guard forces staged a breakout toward Kasablan’s mountaintop spaceport, but their charge came to a crashing halt when Thunderhawk Landers deployed a wave of red armoured Land Raiders directly in their path. Caught between the wrathful tank brigades of the Blood Angels, the last traitors fought frantically, but their position was hopeless. Despite significant casualties, the Blood Angels crushed the foe beneath the grinding treads of their battle tanks.[1]