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Korthuphos was a Thousand Sons Exalted Sorcerer from the Cult of Magic who had his battle plans undermined for a millennium by the Magister Hasophet. Having finally grown tired of Hasophet's interference, Korthuphos challenged the Magister to a duel to the death. He did not realize, though, that the duel had been Hasophet's goal all along, as the Magister needed to claim Korthuphos's two hearts in order to attain Daemonhood. When the duel finally began, Korthuphos attacked Hasophet with his physic powers, but the Magister had come prepared and pulled out the Dagger of Reflections, which absorbed the attack and then unleashed a thunderous wave at Korthuphos. The Exalted Sorcerer was killed by the Dagger's attack and Hasophet then proceeded to cut out Korthuphos' hearts.[1]