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Krieg Civil War

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The Krieg Civil War was an uprising against the Imperium on the world of Krieg in 433.M40. The situation began when the Autocrats who ruled Krieg declared themselves independent from the Imperium and denounced the Emperor as their master. In the resulting civil war, the rebels initially made good ground and captured all the Hives on Krieg but Ferrograd, controlled by the loyalist 83rd Regiment under Colonel Jurten. Under strict orders not to let Krieg fall, Jurten decided that the world belonged to the Emperor or no one and ordered a mass nuclear bombardment of his world. In the nuclear holocaust, Krieg was transformed into a Death World. Nonetheless, the nuclear bombardment did not defeat the rebels. Instead, a grueling 500 year-long campaign was waged until, inch by inch, Krieg was back in Imperial hands.[1]

Ever since then, the Death Korps of Krieg have sought to atone for their world's disloyalty, through their willingness to die in the Imperium's deadliest war zones.[2]

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