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Legionary Kill Team

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Legionary Kill Teams are Chaos Space Marines' Kill Team Units.[1]


They are led by a Chosen or Aspiring Champion.[2]


  • Chosen: the most experienced of the Astartes Heretics. They wear baroque armor and can count on the best equipment. [2f]
  • The Aspiring Champions impose their will with brutal acts of force, with the ambition of becoming the favorites of the gods.[2g]
  • Warrior: Heretics endowed with physical strength, superhuman speed, stamina and mental acuity since they have turned their backs on the Imperium.[2b]
  • Gunner: Incinerate light infantry enemy with flamethrowers, destroy bunkers armored with meltaguns, and take on multiple troops heavy armed with plasma rifles.[2b]
  • Heavy Gunner: Heretic Astartes equipped with heavy weapons provide devastating firepower against infantry, Armour, and dominate large areas of the killzone.[2c]
  • Anointed: Some Heretic Astartes thirst for power at any cost, and offer themselves wholly to Chaos. They become willing hosts to the immaterial creatures of the warp. This is a slow and painful process, and those in the early stages are known as Anointed due to their mutations.[2c]
  • Butcher: Insane and bloodthirsty, Butchers fight in melee without any concession to subtlety, striking furious blows with their huge axes chain that can dismember opponents.[2d]
  • Shrivetalon: Heretics addicted to pain and torture. On the battlefield they wield flense blades and look for foes to torment.[2d]
  • Balefire Acolyte:Balefire Acolytes are psykers blessed by the Gods of Chaos with the dark might of the Empyrean. They wield blades made even more lethal by the power of the Warp that pervades them.[2e]
  • Chaos Icons are icons, banners, and standards carried by the worshipers of Chaos that act as magnets for the powers of the Warp, enhancing their own power.[3]