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Luciver Anckor

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Luciver Anckor is the Chaos Cult leader of the Anckorite Brotherhood and under his command they instigated a rebellion on Besana, which nearly succeeded in claiming the Imperium world.

However Besana laid in the Gort System, which at that time was under the protection of Warmaster Ryse's forces. Its loss would have had dire consequences for his ongoing Crusade, so Ryse ordered General Ursarkar E. Creed to do what was necessary to defeat the Cult. Though the Brotherhood outnumbered the Imperium's forces on Besana ten to one, Creed's brilliant tactics allowed him to outmaneuver the Brotherhood. This led to their complete destruction, though Luciver managed to escape and he then rebuilt the Cult. However once Creed learned Luciver had survived, the General set off to hunt the Cult leader down.[1]