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Lydriik Noxyn

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Lydriik Noxyn is the current Chief Librarian[1] and an Iron Father of the Iron Hands Chapter.[3]

Recruited into Clan Borrgos[3], Lydriik gained famed for slaying the Daemon known as the Sapphire King during the Gaudinian Heresy, and was elevated to Iron Father after the battle[2a]. During the campaign against Orks on Fabris Callivant, Lydriik uncovered the truth regarding the Canticles of Travels as well as the Mechanicum conspiracy surrounding it. During the same battle, he fought Craftworld Alaitoc' forces that were posing as Inquisitors, seeking the ancient Eldar device known as the Dawnbreak.[3]

In battle, he wields the Mindforge Stave.[2b]