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Magister Calculo Horarium

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The Magisters Calculo Horarium are select members of the Merchant Fleets chosen to guide its ships and interpret the passage of their trade across the Imperium.[1]

They dwell deep within the Speaker for the Chartist Captains' Nexus Axiomatic‎ fortress on Terra, though they have only been seen by a few people. This has led to numerous speculation about them, such as the Magisters being vile mutants and the Nexus was really constructed to keep from being discovered by the Inquisition. Others claim they are in fact immortals, born in the earliest years of mankind's evolution and only kept alive through the regular transfusion of blood from younger bodies. Most believe though, that the Magisters are simply ciphers, whose role has long ago been taken over by magna-cogitators.[1a]

However, Inquisitor Lord Erasmus Crowl would encounter a Magister during his attempt to uncover the masterminds that transported a Dark Eldar Haemonculus to Terra. Known as Magister Calculo Horarium IX, they were in fact giant conjoined male twins whose faces were on a large skull that had an extended cranium. They shared one body, which contained numerous atrophied limbs, which Crowl noted gave them the appearance of a human jellyfish. The twins were so large and malformed that they were forced to live in a container filled with nutrient-rich liquid, which they breathed through with mechanical gills. They were also hooked up to numerous life-support systems and could communicate through nearby vid-screens that displayed their thoughts. Their personalities differed greatly, though, as the twin on the upper part of the skull received a never-ending flood of messages from the ships of the Merchant Fleets. He would then calculate and note the ships' locations and the paths they took to get to the worlds the ships delivered their cargo to. This consumed the twin's entire being and he never slept or stopped doing his unceasing task. This left him hard to communicate to, but that was the lower twin's nominal task. Unlike its brother, this twin was very lucid and very intelligent, which allowed it to easily engage with those who talked to him. It should be noted though, that it is not known if the other Magisters were similar in appearance to IX, nor if they functioned in the same way as the twins did.[1b]