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Osiskor is a Necron Cryptek, a Harbinger of Transmogrification. Officially a servant of the Necron Overlord Hasist, Osiskor secretly lusts after his master's power.[1] Osiskor has always been a scheming individual, even during his days in the War in Heaven as chief Cryptek to the C'tan Kalugura.[1]


A master of tectonic sciences, it was Osiskor who designed specialized Tombs for Kalugura. The plan was simple enough for lesser minds to grasp: Overlord Hasist would be protected in a separate oubliette from his court, redundant systems would ensure that none of the leadership could ever be harmed. The court could be awoken during an emergency to defend the slumbering Necrons. Great subterranean catacombs were large enough to house an army of the loyal Necron followers, protecting the court's tomb, each held in a timeless stasis field. Osiskor would be housed in a separate tomb, far enough from the court to provide protective redundancy. There, with his personal guard, he would slumber within a hyperspace oubliette, protected in even the most dire circumstances. This feat of architecture reached through the planet’s core, allowing the Overlord and his guard complete access to the Necron's underground tomb complex. Each corridor was designed to be defended by the Canoptek Wraiths and Canoptek Spyders without need to wake any of the slumbering court. Every pan-dimensional neuro-circuit was placed so that its temporal resonance would touch, but not overlap. This was critical to Osiskor's design and eventual plans. The planet’s core was supercooled and omni-ray pressure sinks ensured that it would not heat up until commanded to do so by the master program.[1]

The integrity of the Tomb World was maintained, despite the labyrinth of hollow caverns and endless passageways carved from the interior. The surface was nearly untouched. This was the beginning of Osiskor's plan. He knew that Hasist was never without his court, save Osiskor himself. It came as no surprise, then, when the Overlord demanded that he be entombed with his most trusted Lords and Crypteks. With only facilities for ten Necron leaders, it was Osiskor that was cast out from the honour of sleeping with his peers. He was instead entombed within his own Hyperspace Oubliette, originally designed for the Overlord. All had thus far gone exactly as planned for the Cryptek, and the Overlord had played right into his plan. Hasist did not survive the aeons in hibernation, nor did the rest of his court. Just as had been mathematically predicted, the planetary shelf underwent a great tectonic shift and the primary tomb of the Overlord and his court was reduced to rubble. Osiskor was safe in his personal Hyperspace Oubliette, and those who had ignored and dishonoured him were decimated. Only Osiskor remains now, triumphant but alone. Given time, the master program will accept his rule and Kalugura will belong to him.[2]