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The Pentagarde are several vast Void-Castles, that serve as the Red Wings Chapter's Fortress Monastery.[1]


Each is capable of Warp travel and can house 3 of the Red Wings' Space Marine Companies, as well as thousands of Chapter Serfs that tend to the Void-Castles. They also contain the Chapter's infrastructure and technology needed to keep the Red Wings functioning. It was because of this, that their Chapter Master, Pelhnagror, did not allow any of the Pentagarde to take part in the Devastation of Baal. While the Chapter suffered severe losses in the battle, the Red Wings were able to readily begin rebuilding their numbers, thanks to Pelhnagror's decision to preserve the Pentagarde. However until the Chapter regains its full strength, and replaces the Chapter Serfs they lost against Hive Fleet Leviathan, the Pentagarde will remain largely empty and understaffed.[1]

Known Void-Castles

  • Joyous Garde[1]