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Siege of Bellisos

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The Siege of Bellisos was a conflict fought between the Death Guard and Imperium sometime after the formation of the Great Rift.[1]

The war began when the 3rd Plague Company of the Death Guard besieged the Hive World of Bellisos. However, the besiegers soon became the besieged when the Ordo Malleus arrived with a huge force of Imperial Guard, Sisters of Battle, and Knights. The Death Guard became trapped within Hive Arkturon and were battered for days. Yet between the Death Guard’s resilience and the screaming volleys of Plagueburst Mortar shells that were fired in return, it was the besiegers who found their forces ground down and their warriors riddled with sickness. By the time the Death Guard launched their breakout assault, few of the attackers had the strength remaining to deny them.[1]