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Skyfall (Starport)

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Skyfall is a planetoid-sized Ultrus-scale Starport, fleet facility and defensive station, that belongs to the Blood Angels and is located within the Baal System.[1a]

Its surface is etched with a star map of the Imperium and the statue of an angel twenty miles tall, with a sword another seven long held aloft, stands atop the Starport. Skyfall is under the command of the Blood Angels's 8th Captain, who is known as the Lord of Skyfall, and it has undergone vast reconstruction in M42. This was done to not only repair the damage done to it during the Devastation of Baal, but also to turn it into a hub for starships in the System.[1a]

Lord Commander Dante plans for the Baal System to become the capital of the Imperium Nihilus[1b] and Skyfall reflects that, as the Starport now has thousands of jetties projecting from it. This allows Skyfall to service a great many starships at once[1a] and also serve as the base of operations for the Fleet Nihilus armada.[1c] Thousands of Tech Priests from numerous Forge Worlds populate it as well and they repair and refuel the starships docked with it. Skyfall also has the capability of building warships and the Blood Angels Battle Barge Baal's Fury was built in the Starport's docks.[1d]