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Soul net

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The Soul net is a type of technology that was developed by a branch of the Inquisition known as the Thorians. It is the product one of their crude attempts at replicating the technology of the Eldar spirit stones.[1]

Consisting of a latticework of psycho-conductive material, the soul net is designed to activate upon the death of an individual, after which it proceeds to trap the soul of the wearer as it attempts to exit the body. However, the way that the device is constructed leads to an interference with the psychic aura that surrounds the wearer, and reduces them to a comatose state, possibly even killing them. This effect of the net has seen it being fielded in combat as a weapon, commonly against psykers and Daemons.[1]

Typically used in the same manner as a bola, a target ensnared by the net loses their daemonic or psychic abilities whilst they are entangled by it.[1]