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Stark was a notorious Radical Inquisitor Lord of the Istvaanism faith, who planted the seeds that would eventually launch the Angevin Crusade. Stark used the patronage and the alliances he had assembled over hundreds of years to draw together a conspiracy of Inquisitors of Istvaanian convictions, who under his direction bent their will to create a movement for war to be waged in the Calyx Expanse. It took a decade of manoeuvrings in every branch of the body Imperium before their objective was at last in sight: the raising of a warrior to the rank of Lord Militant and the granting to that warrior of a writ to persecute a Crusade within the Calyx Expanse.

The design of Inquisitor Lord Stark and his fellow Istvaanians was a success in all but one, crucial detail. At the last minute, the High Lords of Terra decided to pass over Lord Stark’s carefully groomed choice for Lord Militant and instead invested Golgenna Angevin as Lord Militant of the crusade. So it was that Stark succeeded in creating his crucible of blood and fire but saw the forces plunged into it led, not by a fierce and blooded warrior of his choosing, but by a weak and vain man obsessed by status and patronage. To Stark and his fellow Istvaanians, the Crusade would undoubtedly suffer a slow decline under Angevin’s leadership and it was inevitable that a stronger figure would eventually take command; for the only other alternative was that the Angevin Crusade would turn to a slaughter and the Calyx Expanse would remain a place of darkness.[1]