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Stormseeker (Short Story)

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Stormseeker Cover.jpg
Cover art
Author Alec Worley
Publisher Black Library
Released August 2016
Collected in On Wings of Blood
Sagas of the Space Wolves: The Omnibus
Editions August 2016 ebook
ISBN 9781785723483

Stormseeker is a short story by Alec Worley. It was published online on August 2016.

Cover Description

Iron Priest Anvarr Rustmane and his brothers in the Deathwolves are hunting. Their prey are two degenerate dark eldar pirates whom they have brought to heel on the death world of Vityris. The pilot of a Stormwolf gunship, Anvarr takes to the skies as his brothers wage war below. He is the Storm Seeker, and would die before allowing his quarry to escape, but the xenos are cunning and have gunships of their own...[1]

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