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Test of Morkai

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A Space Wolves Aspirant undergoing trials.[1]

The Test of Morkai is one of the final trials of Aspirant Space Wolves. Although the nature of the tests and training which Aspirants undergo at The Fang can vary widely, the Test of Morkai always forms part of their final ordeal.

During the Test, the Aspirants are transported a great distance from The Fang, and left with minimal clothing and gear, to make their way back alone. At this point, they have been implanted with the Canis Helix, the first and most basic component of the Space Wolves' gene-seed.[1a]

The Test is not only one of survival, requiring the Aspirant to reach the Fang despite the dangers of extreme cold, sparse food, and Fenris' numerous predatory beasts, but also of fortitude. Some Aspirants, pressed by the harsh conditions, succumb to the Curse of the Wulfen and become feral beasts, who never return to the Fang, and instead become one of the many dangers who stalk other Aspirants.[1a]

Wolf Lord Ragnar Blackmane won early renown during his Test, for slaying a Black-maned Fenrisian Wolf, one of Fenris' largest and most dangerous predators, and dragging its massive pelt back to the Fang with him, earning him his cognomen.[1b]