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Titans' Bane (Audio Drama)

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Titan's Bane
Cover art
Author Chris Dows[1]
Performer Ken Bradshaw, Cliff Chapman, Steve Conlin, Matt Huntbach, Penelope Rawlins, Andrew Wincott[1]
Publisher Black Library
Released March 2018
Collected in Heroes of the Astra Militarum
Length 46 minutes[1]

Titans' Bane is an audio drama by Chris Dows.[1]

Cover Description[1]

Following a ferocious battle against Nurgle's hordes, Lieutenant Quiller and the crew of Titans' Bane are trapped inside the stricken Shadowsword. With her Cadian unit half-depleted, Quiller is forced to rely upon Paragonian and Mordian replacements. Vicious infighting within the tank soon becomes as dangerous as the enemy outside. In order to survive, Quiller knows she must remind her men that loyalty, camaraderie and self-sacrifice in the name of the Emperor transcends all planetary customs and patriotism.

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