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Squat Trike

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Squat Vehicle; for the Space Marine Vehicle, see Space Marine Attack Bike.
Squat Trike with Multi Melta

A Squat Trike was a rapid deployment heavy weapon delivery system. It had two crew members - one Squat drove the trike and one operated a heavy weapon behind. Trikes were operated by members of the Engineers Guild.[1a]


The trike was armed with a single pintle-mounted weapon such as an autocannon, Conversion Beamer, D-Cannon, heavy plasma gun, heavy stubber, heavy webber, lascannon, missile launcher, multi-laser or multi-melta. It could also carry extra missiles or grenades if it took a missile launcher. It could also be armoured with a Power field.[1b]


Some of those vehicles were heavily-reinforced to allow Hearthguards, the exo-armoured aristocratic warriors of a Stronghold, to ride them into battle.[2]

The trike then had no weapon of its own, but the squat rider was often specially equipped with a Doom Lance.[2]


Squat Trike