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Veil of Darkness

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Necron technology; for the audio drama by Nick Kyme, see Veil of Darkness (Audio Drama).

The Veil of Darkness is part of the Necron Armoury are used by Necron Lords[1] or Crypteks.[2]

The Veil of Darkness, along with its sister artefact, the Phase Shifter, are the only artefacts that can become part of the Lord's body once used and cannot be removed.[Needs Citation] This ancient artefact operates the same way as other teleportation devices used by the Imperium and the Eldar, except that it is instantaneous. The Lord can summon darkness which twists and bends space like a ghostly cloak blown by an ethereal breeze. When the darkness finally abates, the Lord and those following him have disappeared, only to mysteriously reappear elsewhere moments later. This artefact, combined with the Necron Lord's already passive teleportation ability, makes him impossible to be targeted in the field of battle.[1]

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