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External links search is a Special pages tool from the category Redirecting special pages. This tool finds External links in Lexicanum pages.

The External links search tool can be accessed via the Special pages tools overview, subsection Redirecting special pages. You can also simply click here.

External links search tool in the Special pages tools overview

You will need to enter some information on the Search pattern you want to use. You can also specify in which Namespace of the Lexicanum the search should be performed.

External links search example looking for External links to *.games-workshop.com


This is a useful tool to find "bad", i.e. insufficient external sources used in articles or for files. It can also help to replace links to external sources that are in danger of disappearing from the internet with more secure archive links. Likewise the tool could be used to find other examples of "broken" external links if one discovers that a particular website has been taken offline and is therefore not a working source for the Lexicanum anymore.