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Logs is a Special pages tool from the category Recent changes and logs. The Logs tool is used to see a variety of operations that have been realized. Each log is an automatically generated list of actions of a certain type, showing when they were performed, by what Editor, and with respect to what page or other Editor. Logged actions include page deletions and restorations, page moves (renames), user blocks and unblocks, page protections and unprotections, user account creations, and others.

The Logs tool can be accessed via the Special pages tools overview, subsection Recent changes and logs.

You can also directly access the tool by clicking here.

Logs tool

Here you have the option to specify which log you want to see:

  • all public logs
  • the Block log
  • the Content model change log
  • the Deletion log
  • the Import log
  • the Interwiki table log
  • the Merge log
  • the Move log
  • the Patrol log
  • the Protection log
  • the Tag log
  • the Tag management log
  • the Upload log
  • the User creation log
  • the User rights log

Other filters that can be applied are:

  • Performer: here you can enter a specific Editor's name to only show actions by this Editor
  • Target: here you can enter a specific page title or Editor's name on whose page operations were performed
  • you can also specify the timeframe in which to search
  • depending which log you are accessing other parameters can also be specified