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Over the years Games Workshop and its subsidiaries have published a gigantic body of sources. And while the vast majority of these sources remain accessible - be it because they can be bought or through the personal libraries and collections of Lexicanum contributors or people they know - some rare sources seem indeed to have become lost to the general public.

Generally speaking these "lost" sources can be divided into two categories: The first comprises print products with a very limited or localized print run or that were only available at specific events or for select people. This can cover everything from advertisments or flyers to magazine issues and even specific editions of books. The second category comprises legal online resources. As the internet is an ephemeral medium and far from everything has been archived somewhere some especially older webpages and links also seem to be gone for good.

But what is "lost" can sometimes be found back and maybe you happen to own one of these resources. Or you know somebody who does. Or you stumble across one somewhere by pure chance. In that case: Please get in touch. The Lexicanum is about collecting even the most obscure of information - but it can only do so if that information can be proven to be authentic.

Please do note that the following list is limited to those sources that have been so far impossible to find a trace of.

Print products

Ex-Online resources

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