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The Page information tool shows technical information about a page in the Lexicanum. This tool can be accessed from the Tools tab at the left side of the screen.

Page information tool in the Tools tab

The technical information about a specific Lexicanum page is subdivided into different sections and comprises data about the following aspects:

  • Basic information:
    • Display title: the name of the page
    • Default sort key: the sort key used for the page
    • Page length (in bytes)
    • Page ID: a uniquely identifying primary key which is preserved across edits and renames
    • Page content language
    • Page content model: type of content
    • Indexing by robots: refers to the control of search engine indexing
    • Number of page watchers: how many Editors are watching the page
    • Number of page watchers who visited recent edits
    • Number of Redirects to this page
    • Number of subpages of this page
  • Page protection:
    • Edit: which group of Editors is allowed to edit the page
    • Move: which group of Editors is allowed to edit the page
  • Edit history:
    • Page creator: name of the Editor who first created the page
    • Date of page creation
    • Latest editor: name of the last Editor to edit the page
    • Date of latest edit
    • Total number of edits
    • Total number of distinct authors
    • Recent number of edits (within past 90 days)
    • Recent number of distinct authors

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