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Xyn'Goran is a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch currently in the service of Abaddon the Despoiler.[1]


It is said that Abaddon went to a world in the Warp where time flowed backwards and in the center of the world, Xyn'Goran, a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch sat around its core, counting back from the end of days. Abaddon wanted this power for his own and confronted the Daemon. However years slipped backwards as he clawed his way toward the Daemon Prince, finally arriving at its feet and demanding its servitude. However Xyn'Goran asked why he shouldn't slay him where he stood. In response, Abaddon challenged the creature to a game: If Abaddon could guess the Daemon's name, it would pledge its allegiance to him; if he failed, he would surrender the artifacts he carried, but the Daemon must tell him its name to prove it had not cheated. Unable to resist the challenge, the Daemon accepted the conditions of the game.[1]

However unknown to the Daemon, this was the second time Abaddon had stood before him. The first time, he had failed to win the contest but had learned the Daemon's name as proof. Surrendering his artifacts, Abaddon had then stepped back into the tides of time and returned to the Warp years before he landed on the world, leaving a message for himself in the future before he was extinguished by paradox. So it came to pass that Abaddon enslaved Xyn'Goran, the fractured Daemon of Time. Now with the future memories of the Daemon, Abaddon could perceive the fates and shape his own destiny.[1]

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