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Eadcrumpa was an Ork Warboss. In 799.M41 he led a Waaagh! to the newly awakened Tomb World of Suranas. After initial skirmishes proved that the unprepared Necrons were no match for the Orks, Necron Lord Nepthk struck a pact with 'Eadcrumpa. In exchange for several dozen Doomsday Cannons, 'Eadscrumpa would agree to leave Suranas. Though the Warboss secretly decided to determine to Suranas at a later date, he left agreed to the bargain and left the planet. Three months later when his Waaagh! descended on the Agri World of Eden Prime, 'Eadcrumpa is unable to resist the urge to investigate the inner workings of his Doomsday Cannons' systems. Accidentally breaching the containment core, 'Eadcrumpa and all of Eden Prime are erased from existence.[1]

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