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Agri World

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An Agri-World (Agricultural World or Farming Planet) or α-class (alpha class) is one devoted to food production. The majority of its surface is given over to producing food for other worlds reliant on such imports - the food itself forms part of the planet's required tithe. Governors of such planets are required by the Adeptus Terra to protect the harvest and meet the quotas placed on them. Often inter-commander rivalry leads to attempts to destroy or steal crops and livestock and then blaming them on pirates or raids.[1]

Worlds with 850 parts per 1000 of the planet's surface covered with crop cultivation, hydroponics, animal fodder or animal husbandry are classed as Agri-Worlds. The population usually ranges from between 15,000 to 1,000,000 - which is widely spread across the planet. The tithe grade of such worlds range from Exactis Prima to Exactis Particular.[2]


Despite Imperial propaganda, Agri-Worlds are often harsh polluted environments that require back-breaking labor. A passage from the Lords of Silence described the process of creating and maintaining an Agri-World:[8]

All agri worlds are of similar size, located in similar orbital zones within their void systems and subject to specific exposure to a prescribed spectrum of solar radiation. Their soils have to be within a tight compositional range, and they have to be close to major supply worlds.

The Imperium is not a gentle custodian of such places. After discovery of a candidate planet, the first fifty years are spent in terraforming according to well-worn Martian procedures. All pre-existing life is scrubbed from the rocks, either by the application of controlled virus-chewers or by timed flame-drops. The atmosphere is regulated, first through the actions of gigantic macro-processors and thereafter by a land-based network of control units, more commonly referred to as command nodes. Weather, as least as generally understood, disappears. Rainfall becomes a matter of controlled timing, governed by satellites in low orbit and kept in line by fleets of dirigibles. The empty landscape is divided up into colossal production zones, each patrolled by crawlers and pest-thopters. Millions of base-level servitors are imported, kept at the very lowest level of cognitive function but bulked up by a ruthless level of muscle-binders.

Soon after this process completes, every agri world looks exactly the same – a flat, wind-rummaged plain of high-yield crops swaying towards the empty horizon. A person could walk for days and never see a distinctive feature. Not that anyone sane would choose to walk in such places – the industrial fertiliser dumps are so powerful that they turn the air orange and make it impossible to breathe unfiltered. A single growing season exhausts the soil completely, requiring continual delivery of more sprays of nitrates and phosphates, all delivered from the grimy berths of hovering despatch flyers. The entire world is given over to a remorseless monoculture, with orthogonal drainage channels burning with chem-residue and topsoil continually degrading into flimsier and flimsier dust.

But that doesn’t matter. A planet can be driven like this for thousands of years before it eventually keels over and becomes a death world. The quality of the crops gets steadily worse, but the quantity can be sustained almost indefinitely, assuming that supply lines are maintained and imports remain consistent. At the end of every season, the great harvester leviathans are stoked up and dragged from their pens and let loose on the grey fields, smokestacks belching and tracked undercarriages sinking deep. These massive creatures of high-sided metal and intricate pipework, the smallest of which are a hundred metres long, crawl across the blasted prairies, sucking up every last speck of pallid grain and piping it directly to antiseptic internal hoppers. Feed-landers come down from high flight, dock with the still-trundling leviathans and extract the raw material, from where it is taken into the city-sized processor vats, blasted with antibiotics, smashed, burned, crushed, then stamped and packaged. Once ready for transport, containers are dragged up into orbit aboard swell-bellied landers, ready for transfer to the void-bound mass conveyers, which deliver the refined product to every starving hive world and forge world in their long circuits.

There is a quaint tradition in the various propaganda departmentos of the Administratum of marketing agri worlds as quasi-paradises, free of the squalor and overcrowding of a standard urban station, and full of bucolic ease. Vid-cards are dropped into communal hab-warrens, extolling the virtues of a life lived outdoors with the sun on your back and a ruddy-faced boy or girl – subject to preference – by your side. In reality, life on an agri world is as unrelenting, back-breaking and monotonous as the vast majority of other Imperial vocations. There are no trees laden with glossy fruit, only kilometre after kilometre of hissing corn.

There are no gentle strolls under the warming sun, only punishing work details in rad-suits, leaning into the dust-laden winds that howl around the equator with nothing to halt their rampage. Once the new arrivals have made planetfall and found this out, it is too late. Crew transports arrive on agri worlds full and leave empty. There is a saying among the indentured workers – you come for the soil, you end up part of it.

Notable Agri-Worlds

Planet name Segmentum Sector Subsector System Population Notes Source
Aegis [Needs Citation]
Aipolodon IV [9]
Argus Quintillus System [Needs Citation]
Barbarossa IV Segmentum Solar The Black Templars hold – Barbarossa Keep is located there. [Needs Citation]
Bellis XIV [Needs Citation]
Boonhaven Segmentum Pacificus Cabulis System [4]
Candau (former) Ultima Now – Dead World [Needs Citation]
Cassell [Needs Citation]
Chariban Worlds [9]
Chiros Segmentum Tempestus [Needs Citation]
Colcha Segmentum Pacificus [Needs Citation]
Curwen [Needs Citation]
Cyrus Vulpa Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Golgenna Reach [Needs Citation]
Danik's World (former) Now – War World, Ice World [Needs Citation]
Delta Arbuthnot [Needs Citation]
Delta-Garmon II Segmentum Solar Beta-Garmon Cluster Delta-Garmon System [Needs Citation]
Dennar IV [6]
Dentor One of the main food supplier of Forge World Agripinaa [7]
Dinorwyc Cluster Segmentum Obscurus Cadian Sector [Needs Citation]
Dreah Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Markayn Marches Dreah System [Needs Citation]
Durer Segmentum Obscurus Scarus Sector Ophidian Subsector [Needs Citation]
Eden Prime [Needs Citation]
Eireius (former) None Also former Jungle World, now – Dead World [Needs Citation]
Epirus Segmentum Tempestus Orpheus Sector [5]
Erinia (former) None Now – Dead World [Needs Citation]
Euthenia XX [Needs Citation]
Gehöft (former) None Now – Dead World [Needs Citation]
Gheistos (former) None Now – Dead World [Needs Citation]
Gravalax Ultima Segmentum [Needs Citation]
Gruss Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Modren’s Realm The planet of the Vir Modren Rogue Trader Realm [Needs Citation]
Hamooth [Needs Citation]
Hesiod's Wake Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Hazeroth Abyss [Needs Citation]
Hilarion Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Hazeroth Abyss Approximately 750,000,000 Also – Feudal World [Needs Citation]
Iax (former) Ultima Segmentum Ultramar Iax System Now – Death World. Also – former Paradise World [Needs Citation]
Iesta Veracrux [Needs Citation]
Iocanthos Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Golgenna Reach 5,000,000,000 [Needs Citation]
Jouran V Jouran System [Needs Citation]
Jumael IV [Needs Citation]
Kabaal II [Needs Citation]
Kataris (former) Segmentum Obscurus None Now – Dead World [Needs Citation]
Khai-zhan Segmentum Obscurus Cadian Sector 4 million roughly [Needs Citation]
Kurkaris Crucis [Needs Citation]
Lesh [9]
Loressa Agri World. Birthworld of Witch Hunter Tyrus. Attacked by the Daemon Prince Kholoth. White Dwarf 260 (UK), pg. 58
None Now – Dead World [Needs Citation]
Marunda II [Needs Citation]
Masali Ultima Segmentum [Needs Citation]
Omus-2.8 [9]
Orbel Quill Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Malfian Subsector [Needs Citation]
Pavar V [Needs Citation]
The Pearl Moon Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Markayn Marches 3,500,000 Human and Abhuman Also – an Ocean World [Needs Citation]
Percipre Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Hazeroth Abyss [Needs Citation]
Peridos Segmentum Obscurus Diamor System [Needs Citation]
Phagir (former) Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Hazeroth Abyss Now – Dead World [Needs Citation]
Picus Orar Subsector [Needs Citation]
Polom [9]
Porozh [Needs Citation]
Quintarn Ultima Segmentum [Needs Citation]
Rashad Prime Also – War World and Industrial World [Needs Citation]
Regulus Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Hazeroth Abyss Also – War World and Industrial World [Needs Citation]
Rynn's World Ultima Segmentum Loki Sector Rynnstar System [Needs Citation]
Samax IV
(Agra "The Emperor's Garden")
Samax System , but low [Needs Citation]
Sameter Segmentum Obscurus Scarus Sector Helican Subsector Gudrun System [Needs Citation]
San Leor Ultima Segmentum [Needs Citation]
Saras VII Segmentum Pacificus Saras Sector [Needs Citation]
Sharlor [Needs Citation]
Siculi Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Adrantis Subsector Tephaine System [Needs Citation]
Sigma-Agrius Segmentum Obscurus Agrippina Sector Populated by Ratlings [Needs Citation]
Silvanos II [Needs Citation]
Solshen XIX Segmentum Solar [Needs Citation]
Sondheim V (former) None Now – Destroyed [Needs Citation]
Sovven (former) Ultima Corvus Sub-Sector ~1,000 Now – Dead World [Needs Citation]
Spectoris Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Drusus Marches Also – Ocean World [Needs Citation]
Squire's Rest (former) Ultima Segmentum Sanctus sub-sector , formerly 10,000,000 Now – Ork World [Needs Citation]
Stygian Prime Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Hazeroth Abyss Stygian System [Needs Citation]
Sulyvan (former) Ultima Segmentum Jericho Reach Acheros Salient Alphis Minor Now – Daemon World [Needs Citation]
Tarentus Ultima Segmentum [Needs Citation]
Tarrenhorst (former) Now – Dead World [Needs Citation]
Tarsis Ultra (former) Ultima Segmentum Tarsis Ultra System 60,000,000 Now – Dead World [Needs Citation]
Tephaine Minor Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Adrantis Subsector Tephaine System [Needs Citation]
Thantus X (former) Now – Ork World [Needs Citation]
Torian Segmentum Obscurus Chinchare [Needs Citation]
Torodaris [9]
Tsade II Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Josian Reach Tsade System [Needs Citation]
Ulthor One of the main food suppliers of Forge WorldAgripinaa [7]
Umbador [9]
Vallenin [Needs Citation]
Verdan III [Needs Citation]
Victrix Sonora Segmentum Solar [Needs Citation]
Yayor One of the main food suppliers of Forge World Agripinaa [7]

Masali, Quintarn and Tarentus form the group of planets called the 'Three Planets' in Ultramar, all of which are desert worlds. They are all classed as agri-worlds because of vast horticultural cities and moisture traps spread across the surface as well as bio-domes under which grow highly fertile forests. They are highly successful at producing vast amounts of food.[3]


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