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Absolom Raithe

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Absolom Raithe is a Vindicare Assassin who was sent to kill an Alphus of the Burning Wyrm Genestealer Cult on Goviian.[1]

The Cult had staged an uprising on the Imperial world and though the 88th Tallarn were sent to destroy them, the Alphus had wreaked havoc on the regiment's command structure. She was Raithe's fifth assignment and upon the Alphus' death, the Vindicare would become a journeyman within his Temple. This meant he would no longer be assigned low ranking targets and would instead be sent to kill major threats to the Imperium that were classified as operational lynchpins. However a Vindicare's fifth mission is always the most dangerous mission they had faced so far and is known as the Deadly number five. This almost proved to be the case for Raithe, as after 27 days of attempting to kill the Alphus, she and her Atalan Jackals pack ambushed the Vindicare as he rode after them. Despite being heavily outnumbered, though, Raithe managed to destroy the Jackal pack and managed to finally kill the Alphus. However he was made to do gruelling penance training afterwards, as the battle had left his Exitus Rifle heavily damaged and destroyed his Spy Mask.[1]