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Albinus is a Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest who, along with the Epistolary Gaius Rhacelus, is one of the few of the Chapter that is close to Mephiston, having been friends with the Chief Librarian when he was known as Calistarius[1a]

Albinus accompanied Mephiston's boarding party when they attempted to purge the corrupted shadow-vessel Eclipse of Hope in the Supplicium System.[2]

He was later present on Baal as it prepared to be invaded by Hive Fleet Leviathan, but Albinus would not take part in the campaign against the Tyranids. Instead, Chapter Master Dante gave Albinus the vital task of safe-guarding the Blood Angels' future, should the numerous forces taking part in Baal's defense not be enough to defeat the Hive Fleet. Days before Leviathan was set to invade their Homeworld, Albinus left the Baal System with the Blood Angels' Gene-Seed, three Sanguinary Priests, a demi-squad of Battle Brothers, ten Neophytes and numerous Blood Thralls. With these forces and the Chapter's Gene-seed, Dante hoped Albinus would be able to rebuild the Blood Angels, should Baal be devoured by Leviathan's hunger.[1b] Luckily though, the Hive Fleet was defeated and Albinus later returned to Baal with the forces of the Indomitus Crusade, as they arrived to aid in destroying the remnants of Leviathan's Tyranids on his Homeworld.[1c]

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