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Amadeus DuCaine

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Amadeus DuCaine, Lord Commander of the Iron Hands[3]

Amadeus DuCaine was Lord Commander of the Xth Legion during the Unification Wars and Great Crusade, when they were known as the Storm Walkers.[2]


DuCaine was born in Old Albia, deriving his generalship from the feared and pitiless battle-craft of the region.[1] He led the Legion in the Unification Wars in Afrik and the Panpacific[2], and masterminded one of its earliest major victories at the Battle of Rust.[1]

Later when Ferrus Manus was discovered, DuCaine was inducted into the ranks of Clan Sorrgol.[4]

He was present at the Dropsite Massacre, witnessing the death of Ferrus Manus before his own death. With his dying words, he told Shadrak Meduson not to forget him, and to "raise the bloody storm".[2]


  • "raise the bloody storm" is a quote from the Latin epic the Thebaid by Publius Papinius Statius.