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The Horus Heresy Book Two - Massacre

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The Horus Heresy Book Two - Massacre
Author(s) Alan Bligh
Released October 2013
Pages 286
ISBN ISBN 9781782532101

ISBN 9781788266079 (softback edition)

Preceded by Book One - Betrayal
Followed by Book Three - Extermination

The Horus Heresy Book Two - Massacre is the second book in the Horus Heresy series by Forge World.[1]


Word of Horus' treachery escapes Isstvan III and now the Legions loyal to the Emperor mobilise to make Horus and those who follow account for their crimes. However the depth of the betrayal is yet to be revealed.[1]


Most of the book is presented as a record written by "A.K." shortly after the Horus Heresy. The first part of the book contains a brief summary of the Unification Wars and the Great Crusade, the raising up of Horus as Warmaster, the Battle of Isstvan III, and the Imperial response to that atrocity.[1]

The Dropsite Massacre

This section contains a summary of the eponymous event, from the initial scans of the Isstvan system to the end of the battle, including maps of the Isstvan system and the Urgall Depression as the battle unfolded.[1]

The Space Marine Legions

This section contains updated information on the Sons of Horus, World Eaters, Emperor's Children, and Death Guard, as well as in-depth information on the history, disposition, and exemplary battles of the Iron Hands, Night Lords, Salamanders, and Word Bearers, and a brief on the Legio Atarus Titan Legion.[1]

Battles in the Age of Darkness

Battles in the Age of Darkness is a rules expansion for Warhammer 40,000 intended for games between regular and Apocalypse scale representing battles during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]

The Dropsite Massacre Campaign

This section describes a campaign for reenacting the Dropsite Massacre on the tabletop or exploring possible alternate outcomes of pivotal moments.[1]

Space Marine Legion Crusade Army List Additions and Updates

This section is designed to expand upon the Space Marine Legion Crusade army list found in Book One.[1]

Space Marine Legion Army List Appendix

This section contains rules, options, and special characters for the eight Legions on Isstvan V.[1]

The Legio Cybernetica

This section contains units for building an Adeptus Mechanicus force, either standalone or as an allied detachment to a Legiones Astartes army.[1]

Appendix: Battles in the Age of Darkness

This section contains rules for using super-heavy units and apocalyptic weapons in Age of Darkness battles as well as an afterword from the Forge World Studio.[1]


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