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Dossier picture of 'Animal'[1a]

To gain more information about the man known as 'Animal' would require level 14 access to classified documents. His name, past and crimes are all restricted beyond the simple footnote that at one time he was an enlisted member of the Imperial Guard.[1a]

A violent psychopath with schizophrenia, Animal is generally kept in chains and a gag by the Arbites handlers who gave him his new name.[1b] Despite his deep psychosis, Animal is widely regarded as one of the best fighters to have ever graced the Imperial Guard, a fact that Colonel Schaeffer undoubtedly used to secure his transfer to the 13th Penal Legion despite a criminal record that spans its own 93 page sub-file.[1a]

Despite years in prison, Animal's reflexes and combat skills have remained honed to a razor's edge. He is almost inhumanly fast and a true monster in close combat. As a member of the 'Last Chancers' Animal is armed with a melta-gun and a close combat weapon. In addition he is equipped with the team's scanner, which seems to suggest that he is not so far gone as to be incapable of rational thought.[1a]