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Saint Arabella the Liberator was an Adepta Sororitas during the Age of Apostasy. The Order of the Sacred Rose was created in her honour.[1]


Arabella was renowned for her calm nature in the face of horror and was known as the most even-tempered of Dominica's guard. She was said to be instrumental in the negotiations between Dominica and the Custodians that led them before the Golden Throne. She subsequently earned the honorific of "Liberator", for she sought to break the shackles of fear and doubt that bound the faithful. Though a formidable combatant, her true strength sprang from the miracles that are said to have happened in her presence. There are stories of heretics imploding into lumps of smoldering flesh as her gaze fell upon them, crushed by the weight of their own wickedness, or having their eyes melt as they beheld her glory. During her life she performed countless miracles as she traveled the Imperium serving as a commander and beacon of faith for many decades.[2]

Arabella was the last surviving Sister of the six who stood before the Golden Throne but disappeared in late M36 shortly after the death of Sister Mina, leaving her fate unknown.[1]

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