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Astura is a Grey Knights Captain whose victories, canny generalship and martial exploits would be the stuff of legend in the Imperium, were his Chapter not veiled in secrecy. This sits well with Astura however, as he has no desires beyond the permanent extermination of all Daemons, though he knows well enough that such a task is impossible within his lifetime. If there is but one flaw to be found within the heart of this virtuous warrior of perfect faith, it is that he is too exacting, of both himself and his subordinates. He demands that those that fight beside him, match his vigour and skill; which makes it rare that any besides his own Chapter survives his command. This does not bother Astura however, as the Captain callously states that anyone outside of his Chapter that survived, the battles he takes part in, would have to die at his hand to ensure the secrecy of the Grey Knights.[1]

The Captain is currently leading an Imperium strike force, that has been assembled by the Inquisition, to stop the most current manifestation of the Bloodthirster Skarbrand. After being summoned by the Blooded Hand Cult, the Greater Daemon has begun rampaging across a Sector of space and is spreading it's infectious rage wherever it goes. All of this is causing the embattled Sector to be drowned in the blood of unending violence and the strike force must act quickly to stop Skarbrand and the Cult before the Sector falls permanently into Khorne's hands - or before they are infected by the Greater Daemon's uncontrollable rage.[1]

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