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Attack of the Necron (Novel)

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Attack of the Necron
Author Cavan Scott
Performer David Tennant
Publisher Black Library
Series Warhammer Adventures
Followed by Claws of the Genestealer
Released February 2019
Pages 120

Attack of the Necron is a novel in the Warhammer Adventures series by Cavan Scott.

Cover Description

On the hive world of Targian, Zelia Lor helps her mother search for ancient tech, digging up treasures of the past on the wind-blown plains. They are happy. They are safe. All that changes when the Necrons attack. Without warning, a host of robotic ships appear in the skies above Targian and rip the planet apart. Separated from her mother, Zelia must escape the doomed world, her only hope a scrambled transmission promising safety at a mysterious place known only as the Emperor’s Seat. Launched in an escape pod, she crashes on an icy wasteland far, far from home. But Zelia is not alone. She is joined by a rag-tag group of survivors – the street-tough juve Talen, gadget-obsessed Martian boy Mekki and super-intelligent alien-ape, Fleapit.