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Attion was a Venerable Dreadnought in the Salamanders Legion, active during the Great Crusade.[1]


Attion was among the first aspirants to join the Salamanders, back when they were known as the Dragon Warriors, and he took part in the Unification Wars on Terra. This was just the start of Attion's heralded service to the Legion, which continued into the Great Crusade as well as after his internment within a Dreadnought.[1]

However, his end came during the Conquest of One-Five-Four Four, when an Eldar Farseer used her psychic powers to cause the Salamanders to be entangled within rapidly growing plant life. With the Salamanders unable to defend themselves, Eldar Dragon Knights then began to charge into the Legion. Before they struck, Attion was able to free himself and briefly held the Megadon attacking him at bay, before it caused the Dreadnought to topple to the ground and then devoured what remained of Attion's body.[1]

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