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Fortress of Khorne

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The Fortress of Khorne

The Fortress of Khorne is the domain of Khorne within the Warp.[1]


On the outskirts of the Fortress of Khorne are a ring of volcanoes known as Khorne's Rage intersected with rivers of boiling blood. At the base of these volcanoes lie the Daemonic Forges of Khorne, which churn out his endless Daemon Engines. Within the same area are the Bloodpits, from which new Daemons of Khorne arise.[3]

The Fortress is a monument to fury and bloodshed, and is built upon foundations of murder and conflict. This blood-soaked realm echoes constantly with Khorne's bellows and the clash of weapons. At the centre of this mighty fortress lies the Brass Citadel, where Khorne's mighty throne resides. He sits atop a mountain of skulls, those slain in his name. A great fire pit lights Khorne's gloomy chamber, the dark flames consume the souls of cowards who have fled from battle. Inside the Fortress lays the foundries of Khorne, manned by souls of warriors who died in their sleep and thus forever shamed by the Blood God. Around the citadel flows a moat, and is filled not with water, but with the boiling blood of those who have lost their lives to war. Beyond this moat lies league upon league of cracked land, littered with the ravaged bones of those fallen in battle. A mighty crevasse splits the wasteland in two, a canyon many miles long and bottomless. The fortress is also said to contain pens of Juggernauts and a complex of battlements equipped with great infernal cannons.[1]

It is said that Khorne himself was once consumed by such rage that he took up his sword and smote the ground, splitting it asunder for eternity. This fell sword is known by many names including 'Warmaker', 'Woebringer' and the 'End of All Things', and is capable of laying waste to worlds with a single blow.[1][2]