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Brothers of Retaliation

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The Brothers of Retaliation is a Chaos Warband that was created on the Planet of Sorcerers, a thousand years after the death of Horus, for the sole purpose of avenging the fate the Imperium inflicted upon the Thousand Sons with its betrayal of the Legion during the Horus Heresy. Led by the Chaos Lord Laudren Thalarn, a member of the Thousand Sons and survivor of the Horus Heresy, the Brothers of Retaliation were originally composed of his loyal followers amongst the Legion, but Thalarn has since drawn many different forces to his banner throughout the millennia. Now swollen with hundreds of Chaos Space Marines, thousands of Cultists and the aid of two Daemon Princes, the Brothers of Retaliation strike at the Imperium from the Black Cathedral, a vast Fortress located on a Crone World that serves as the Warband's Homeworld.[1]

Notable Members