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Celestine: The Living Saint (Novel)

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Celestine: The Living Saint
Author Andy Clark
Publisher Black Library
Released January 2019

Celestine: The Living Saint is a novel by Black Library Publishing by Andy Clark.

Cover Description

With her mighty wings spread wide and Ardent Blade aflame, Saint Celestine is the living embodiment of the God-Emperor's wrath. Her halo blazes like a star upon the smog wreathed, blood-soaked battlefields of the 41st millennium; its holy light leading the faithful to victory time and time again. As heretics and daemons tear at her flesh, she calls down fires of retribution from on high to smite the wicked and unrighteous.

If she is to fall in battle, none should mourn as she is Celestine, the Living Saint, and death is her duty. Though it comes at a great cost. For each time she is slain, Saint Celestine finds herself trapped in a terrible realm of suffering and torment. There her faith in the God-Emperor will be put to the test so she may prove herself worthy of life once more.

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