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Cult of the Voidbrood

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The Cult of the Voidbrood is a Genestealer Cult.[1]

The Cult has its origins in the freighter Pegasine which destroyed by the lance strike of an Ordo Xenos corvette. The wreckage spiraled through the skies of the frontier planet Hopefoster. Most of the debris burnt up on entry, but the largest section landed more or less intact. After long weeks spent healing, a single Genestealer survivor awoke in the wreckage. It becomes the Patriarch of the Voidbrood, and after a century of unfettered expansion, its cult rises up to overran the planet entirely.[1]

On the Agri-World of Taurensi IX, a force of Voidbrood surprisingly survived the Tyranid invasion they helped engineer. Why they were spared is unknown, but the Cultists saw it as a divine sign for their continued need. The Voidbrood took the stars in captured freighters and accompanied their Tyranid allies as they moved from planet to planet in the Taurensi System, consuming all in their path.[2]