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Dante: Lord of the Host (Short Story)

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Dante: Lord of the Host
Cover art
Author James Swallow
Publisher Black Library
Series Lords of the Space Marines
Preceded by Helbrecht: The Crusader
Followed by Gabriel Seth: The Flesh Tearer
Released 2013
Editions December 2013 e-book
ISBN 9781782513537

Dante: Lord of the Host is a short story by James Swallow. It was published online in December 2013 as part of the Black Library Advent Calendar (2013).

Cover Description

The world of Skylos, already wracked by war, is now host to a bizarre and terrifying threat – a threat that the Blood Angels have come to end. The Axe Mortalis in hand, Commander Dante leads a host of Angels into battle against Chaos-tainted chronomancers, sorcerers who use his past, present and future as a weapon against him.

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